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Children's Leadership Program


Do you want your kids to learn how to be confident and caring leaders in their schools and communities? Do you want them to have fun and make friends while developing the skills and attitudes that will help them succeed in life? If so, you might be interested in the Children’s Leadership Program offered by the Transformation Companions. The Children's Leadership Program is a fun and engaging program that helps kids aged 3 to 18 discover and cultivate their leadership potential. Based on the book The ABCs of Leadership for Kids by Effua McGowan, the program covers over 26 leadership qualities, one for each letter of the alphabet such as: A: Asking questions for Accuracy. B: for Being kind to others and Basing our self-worth. C: for seeking Clarity, building Character, and Caring about others around us. This program offers in-person and online sessions, each roughly an hour long. In addition to encouraging leadership qualities, it also supports self-discoveries, life applications, and sustaining one's self-talents and skills. If you want your kids to join the Children's Leadership Program and become the leaders of tomorrow, enroll them today and allow them to grow and shine.

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