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Meet the Team

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Transformation companions

Effua Mcgowen

Effua is an experienced executive coach and strategist with a passion for people and process development. With years of corporate background and global community engagement experience, she has built a solid foundation in program development. Effua is also a proud author of The ABC's of Leadership and The ABC's of Leadership for Kids, as well as the Founder of Amazing You!. She is married and a mother of three young adults.


Edith  Johnston

Edith, a dynamic entrepreneurial force, brings a wealth of experience as a real estate investor, wife, and mother of three, combined with a robust corporate background. In her roles as an entrepreneur, realtor, and real estate investor, she showcases a diverse portfolio spanning seller-financed single-family homes, rentals, new construction, mobile homes, and fix-and-flip investment properties. Beyond her professional endeavors, Edith is driven by a commitment to instilling confidence in Christ and actively supports women in discovering that same confidence. Her multifaceted approach to life and business reflects a genuine passion for growth, empowerment, and making a positive impact.

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Kayla Crawford

Kayla is a leader that comes from the Early Childcare industry and holds a degree in both Medical Occupancies and Business Administration. She has natural skills in marketing and innovation. She holds a Six Sigma Certification that allows her to elevate processes and leads by example. She is a mother of two, and a devoted wife, sister, and daughter. She has a passion for sharing her drive with the world and believes that people can do whatever they put their mind to.

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